Mr. Nice Guy Pipe Cleaner

Mr. Nice Guy Pipe Cleaner (15-20 uses)

Mr. Nice Guy Pipe Cleaner (15-20 uses)

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Mr. Nice Guy is an all-new, patent-pending pipe cleaner designed to be used on glass, ceramic, acrylic, plastic, and PVC pipes and smoking devices.

Mr. Nice Guy was developed to outperform all other cleaning products on the market today, which, at best, offer mediocre results. 


Why is Mr. Nice Guy Special?

It Works: Mr. Nice Guy succeeds where others fail. Other products require repeated soaking, shaking, scraping, and rinsing, but with Mr. Nice Guy, a simple soaking and rinsing will yield amazing results faster, easier, and with far less mess.

Biodegradable: Mr. Nice Guy is made from a fully biodegradable blend of cleaning salts and surfactants. When added to hot water, Mr. Nice Guy breaks down into environmentally harmless bi-products.

Clean Rinsing: After the cleaning process is complete, Mr. Nice Guy leaves behind no residue, film, or environmentally harmful bi-products. There is no bad taste, sticky, greasy, or oily residue left behind.

Cleans hard to reach areas: Mr. Nice Guy easily cleans hard to reach areas such as elbows and secondary chambers found in water pipes and devices for waxes and oils. 

Value: Each 8oz bottle of Mr. Nice Guy contains over 15 uses of the product. 

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