Mr. Nice Guy Pipe Cleaner


Check out the video below to see how Mr Nice Guy works! 



For All Devices:

Mr. Nice Guy is for use on glass, ceramic, acrylic, silicone, plastic, and PVC smoking devices.

Not for use on metal, wood, or "soft glass" devices.

May remove paint and/or labels & stickers

For Hand Held Pipes:

Place device to be cleaned in a glass or other container large enough to submerge pipe. Add one Rounded spoonful of Mr. Nice Guy (approximately one half of sample) into the container. Be sure to get product directly into pipe for a more effective clean. Slowly pour very hot water into the glass. (The hotter the water, the better Mr. Nice Guy will work. Boiling water is the best!!) Being sure to cover entire pipe by a half inch or more. Allow to soak for up to 30 minutes. Rinse clean in sink.

Excessively dirty devices may require a second treatment or light scraping.

 For Large Pipes or Water Pipes:

Many large devices, especially new generation water pipes with percolators and multiple chambers will require a bit of creativity.... but hey, everyone of us can make a pipe from an apple, a steam roller from a zucchini, etc... so we know you got this!!!

The important part to keep in mind, is to get some Mr. Nice Guy into each chamber, and especially into the bottom of the device, as Mr. Nice Guy acts directly on the tar deposit and will bubble it off the surface and carry it to the top surface of the water. Some devices respond better to being submerged, and for some it's better to just let the solution bubble out of the openings into a sink or container.

We always love to hear from our customers, so if you have any comments, questions, or have a great before and after story or pic, please reach out, and we may post your story to FB, IG, or here on our site!!!