Mr. Nice Guy Pipe Cleaner


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From product samples to employee training, Mr. Nice Guy is fully committed to your success. Once your staff tries Mr. Nice Guy or watches a live demo, they will have the knowledge and excitement needed to speak passionately and confidently about Mr. Nice Guy to your customers, ensuring product movement and frequent re-orders.

Mr. Nice Guy has distinct, eye-catching packaging which is far different from the competition, has a premium appearance, and will draw attention to itself while on your shelf.

Mr. Nice Guy has a distinct cool factor. From the packaging designed to make you feel like you are about to do a cool science experiment, to the cleaning process which makes you feel like you actually ARE doing a science experiment, your employees and customers alike will be left with an impression of cool they won’t soon forget, and will be drawn to share their experiences with their friends, and on social media!!

Because of the container’s small size and lightweight, you can ship Mr. Nice Guy to customers anywhere in the country cheaply and easily.

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